Saving up for store credit and free products!

Apart from the freebies that you'll sometimes find with your order, Bazaar of Magic also gives out free Play points. These points, that you receive with every order, can be spent in the BoM point shop for store credit or free Magic products!

Saving up Play points

Every customer at Bazaar of Magic receives 100 Play points for free, and with every purchase you'll receive even more! Apart from this, there are a few other ways in which you can earn Play points, such as participating in puzzles or by being active on the Bazaar of Magic forum.
Saving up Play points with purchases
With every purchase you make at Bazaar of Magic, you'll receive free Play points! For every euro you spend, you'll receive 1 BoM point. The moment you place an order, these Play points are automatically added to your account. These points are then released once your order is shipped, so that you can spend them immediately in the BoM point shop.
If you happen to pay for (a part of) your order with store credit, than you will not receive any Play points for (that part of) your purchase.
Quite regularly, there are all kinds of fun quizzes on the forum (only available while browsing the website in Dutch). There are all kinds of different quizzes, such a recognising cards based on their art or answering riddles or questions. Correctly answering these quizzes can earn you some nice Play points.
Being active on the forum
For every post that you make and most of the decks that you share on the forum (only available while browsing the website in Dutch), you'll receive BoM XP. If you gather enough BoM XP, you can rise in Loyalty level. And every time you gain a new Loyalty level, you receive - apart from a bigger choice in avatars - free Play points! For more information on Loyalty and an overview of how much Play points you earn when, see the 'Loyalty' page.

Exchanging Play points

You can exchange your Play points in the BoM point shop, from 50 Play points and up. There you can choose whether you want to exchange your Play points for a nice Magic product or for store credit, which can be used as a discount on your next order.
How does the BoM point shop work?
The BoM point shop is a special store with all kinds of Magic products, big and small. These products you can buy using your Play points. The smallest products go for as little as 50 points, but you can also save up for bigger Magic products! You can exchange your Play points with a single click in the BoM point shop, and then the product is immediately added to your shopping cart.

When do my Play points expire?

New BoM point expire one year after they were originally received. And every time you place a new order, all of your points are valid for another year again. So, if you don't place any orders for a year, your Play points will expire, but if you place another order within the year, all of your Play points will be valid for another year.

How many Play points do I have now?

An overview of your Play points can be found in 'My account'. There you can see exactly how many Play points you have and how you have earned them.
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