Terms and conditions for buy-ins

If want to sell or trade in your cards at Bazaar of Magic, you have to declare that you agree with Bazaar of Magic's terms and conditions for buy-ins. With this you confirm that you will act in accordance with these terms and conditions when it comes to the handling of the transaction.
If the transaction does is not carried out according to the terms and conditions, Bazaar of Magic has the right to dissolve the agreement.

Establishment of buy-in agreements

The buy-in service can only be used by persons of a trade able age. While creating a buy-in request, the seller can choose between payment by bank transfer or in the shape of store credit. If payment by store credit is chosen, the seller will receive a larger compensation for the sold items.
When a buy-in request is created on the website of Bazaar of Magic, this request will then be checked by Bazaar of Magic. No later than two bussiness days after the submission of the buy-in request, the seller will receive an email with the approval or rejection of the request. As soon as Bazaar of Magic agrees to the buy-in request, the buy-in agreement is definitive.

Prices in the buy-in agreement

The established prices for single cards in the buy-in agreement apply to english cards in Near Mint or better condition. More information about card conditions can be found on the 'conditions of Magic cards' page.

Non authentic cards

If there is any doubt whether a card is authentic, further investigation will be required. This investigation involves additional research costs. These research costs amount to € 5,00 per card and will be charged to the customer. These costs will only be charged if the investigation shows that the cards are indeed not authentic.

Delivery of the purchased items

After approval of the buy-in request, the seller has seven days to ship or deliver the items that the Bazaar of Magic purchased.
Ensure that the items are shipped according to the instructions given by email. With this, it is important to:

- Add a printed sales list or a sheet of paper with the sales number of the shipment.
- Sort the cards according to the printed sales list.

Make sure that, when shipping the items, that the cards are packed in solid packaging, in which the items cannot get damaged. Bazaar of Magic is not responsible for any damages or losses during shipment. Possible shipping costs are the responsibility of the seller.
If Bazaar of Magic does not receive the items within ten days after establishing the agreement, Bazaar of Magic has the right to dissolve the agreement.

Handling of the buy-in agreement

After receiving the shipment, Bazaar of Magic will verify the shipment within five working days. This includes verifying the cards on language and condition. If the shipped cards are not in english or in a condition worse than near mint, the buy-in price of the card is edited.

Non-english cards are appraised at 50% of the buy-in price.
Excellent cards are appraised at 80% of the buy-in price.
Very Good cards are appraised at 60% of the buy-in price.
Good cards are appraised at 40% of the buy-in price.
Poor cards are appraised at 20% of the buy-in price.

Any extra cards in the shipment are added to the buy-in request using the prices that apply at that moment.
After possibly re-establishing the buy-in prices, the total sum will be paid to the seller. If the seller chose for payment by means of bank transfer, the compensation will be paid in euros on the IBAN number provided by the seller. If the seller has chosen for payment in store credit, then the compensation will be paid in euros on the Bazaar of Magic account of the seller.
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