Challenger Decks

Challenger Decks set of 4 decks

Challenger Decks: powerful ready-to-play decks for Standard or Pioneer

Challenger Decks are ready-to-play tournament-worthy Magic: the Gathering decks that you can play either Standard and/or Pioneer with out of the box. The Challenger Decks are carefully assembled and represent strong strategies that can be played against each other, against decks made for Standard or take any Challenger Deck, adjust it to your own liking and try on the exciting new Pioneer format.

Each Challenger Deck contains a powerful 60 cards deck and an additional 15 cards sideboard. With a Challenger deck you'll play with  a range of cards from recent sets up to their release.

Challenger Decks: Choose your strategy and play

The Challenger Decks are especially great fun to play against each other. Due to the various playing styles and deep strategies, the Challenger Decks guarantee many fun games of Magic: the Gathering!

Challenger Decks 2019

In this set you will find four Challenger Decks: United Assault (white), Arcane Tempo (blue & red), Lightning Aggro (red) and Deadly Discovery (black & green). Each Challenger deck contains:

  • A powerful deck of 60 cards.
  • An additional sideboard of 15 cards
  • A box that fits the deck plus sideboard, both sleeved.
  • A spindown die.
Challenger Decks set of 4 decks
Challenger Deck United Assault

Challenger Deck: United Assault (Pioneer)

A mono-white deck with a straightforward strategy: quickly overwhelm your opponent with many small attackers! Blow your opponent away in Pioneer with this super fast White Weenie deck!

Your small creatures like Ajani's Pridemate and Legion's Landing fill the battlefield very quickly and give you the benefits of the City's Blessing in no time. Free your way forward with the help of Conclave Tribunal and Baffling End and go for the final blow with Benalish Marshal, Pride of Conquerors and History of Benalia!

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Challenger Deck: Arcane Tempo (Pioneer)

A tempo deck that shocks your opponent with the deadly combination of blue and red. This deck offers the ideal basis for a competitive Pioneer Izzet deck!

Your army with Crackling Drakes and Niv-Mizzet, Parun becomes stronger as you play more and more instants. With the help of Goblin Electromancer you go through your spells in the highest gear and pick up many cards. Less pleasant fact for your opponent; that Arclight Phoenix of yours will rise again and again.

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Challenger Deck Arcane Tempo
Challenger Deck Lightning Aggro

Challenger Deck: Lightning Aggro

Flashing lightning and thunderous lava eruptions fly around your opponents ears when you start the attack with this mono red deck. If you want to make a strong Red-Aggro deck for Pioneer, then you can really stand out with this deck!

Every part of your army is lightning fast and extremely dangerous. This way the Runaway Steam-Kin keeps growing and together with Experimental Frenzy you can keep on going relentlessly. And when Goblin Chainwhirler or Rekindling Phoenix enters the battlefield, it is high time for your opponent to start their prayer!

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Challenger Deck: Deadly Discovery

With this black-green deck, every card you play has a strong effect on the battlefield. The deck is also an ideal starting point for building a Golgari deck for Pioneer!

Every member of your army that enters the battlefield immediately gives you an extra edge. Take advantage of scouts like Jadelight Ranger and weaken your opponent's army with Ravenous Chupacabras. When the time is right, bring your ultimate asset: the relentless Planeswalker Vraska, Relic Seeker. With her gang of misfits you will secure your profit.

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Challenger Deck Deadly Discovery
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