Chaos Draft


Play Chaos Draft and Chaos Sealed with Magic: the Gathering

Imagine a game of Magic: the Gathering where you play sealed (with 6 boosters) or draft (with 3 boosters) but with boosters from many different Magic sets. This very exciting, chaotic en refreshing way to play Magic: the Gathering is called a Chaos Draft or Chaos Sealed!

What can I find in a Chaos Draft pack, Chaos Sealed pack or Chaos Draft box?

The Chaos Draft Boxes, Chaos Draft Packs and Chaos Sealed Packs make it possible to organize a unique Chaos Magic experience. Inside these Chaos packs and boxes you will not only find recent Magic sets, but also old, very difficult to find boosters! Who knows, you may find special boosters such as Modern Masters 2013, Modern Masters 2015 or even Future Sight in this Chaos Draft!

Start playing with Chaos packs or box from Bazaar of Magic!

Each Chaos Draft Box, Chaos Draft Pack and Chaos Sealed Pack has a different composition of boosters. It's always a good deal, because the price of the Chaos Draft pack, Chaos Sealed pack and Chaos Draft box is always considerably lower than the total price of the boosters combined! Order your Chaos experience today!

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