Top 3 tips to start playing Magic: the Gathering

Friends, colleagues, neighbors or fellow students... everywhere you will find future Magic: the Gathering players who will enjoy learning your favorite game. And who better to help them than you! Start with a Spellslinger Starter Kit and give them an unforgettable introduction! Try the best introduction products today and gather together to play Magic: the Gathering! What are you waiting for? Let others see how much fun playing Magic: the Gathering together really is!

Do you want to try it yourself or do you know someone who might be interested in trying Magic: the Gathering? Then you are in the right place, because we have listed the best Magic: the Gathering products that you can use to get started. Getting started to play Magic has never been easier! With these tips you can quickly and easily show yourself or someone else how much fun it is to play Magic: the Gathering together!

1: Start your first game within 3 minutes

You can start by learning to play Magic: the Gathering with the Spellslinger Starter Kit or Game Night! With the Spellslinger Starter Kit learning Magic is a breeze: you can play your first game of Magic within 3 minutes! If you want to play with a more variety of decks, try the ready-to-play Game Night; the ideal all-in-one package to get started right away!

With the ready-made decks and dice, you have everything you need to start paying Magic: the Gathering together. Give a Spellslinger Starter Kit or Game Night to yourself or friends, family or neighbors and before you know it you have started a fun play group!

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» View the Game Night set with five decks

2: More fun with new decks and cards

After the first games Magic you are ready for more! Grab a Planeswalker Deck each and get to know the powerful Planeswalker card!

A Planeswalker Deck is completely designed around that Planeswalker; you will find that the cards in the Planeswalker Deck have been chosen to fall within the theme and/or strategy fitting that Planeswalker. You will also find a booster in a Planeswalker Deck. Tear it open quickly and discover which cards are in it! Find a card you like for a deck you want to play? Go ahead and put it in and notice how it affects your games!

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The third step in learning Magic: the Gathering

3: Build your own deck and play your own idea

You may now be more familiar with the five colors of Magic, the Planeswalker cards and the basic rules of Magic. Would you like to try and build your own decks? It's a great deal of fun to design your own deck and play with it; see your ideas come to life and surprise your opponent(s)!

With a Deck Builder's Toolkit you have everything you need for the first home-made decks, including more than 200 cards, a handy collection box, a handy guide with game tips and even a few boosters! All this is packed in a beautiful collection box which you can use to store your cards and decks. The ideal gift for the starting Magic player!

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All the accessories you could possibly need!

EXTRA: Beautiful accessories for playing, protecting and storing your cards

With these handy accessories you can have the quality means to play and protect your cards! Every player can use (extra) cool accessories, they can give your deck and battlefield your own identity and flavour. Below you will find a number of tips for accessories commonly used with Magic: the Gathering cards.

  • Card sleeves are a frequently used accessory; card sleeves with which you can protect your cards against scuffs, dirt, grease and moisture during regular use.
  • To store and take your deck with you, you want to keep it in a sturdy and robust deck box.
  • During a Magic pot your number of life points will change regularly; you can easily keep up with a life counter.
  • All those Magic cards can have all kinds of effects on each other; you can monitor the overview of all those effects with a set of dice to use as counters.

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Are you looking for more explanation or do you have a question?

Feel free to ask all your questions on the Bazaar of Magic forum. You will find your answers on the great and active Bazaar of Magic forum! Or find our Magic Helpdesk answers. The Magic Helpdesk from Bazaar of Magic is the place where you can read more information about the game and find many answers yourself.

» Questions about Magic? You will receive an immediate answer on the forum!

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