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Altered TCG - Beyond the Gates Booster Box (Kickstarter Edition)

Altered TCG - Beyond the Gates Booster Box (Kickstarter Edition)

€ 198,00 € 178,20

Available from Friday 26 July 2024.

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Product description

An Altered TCG Boosterbox from Beyond the Gates - Kickstarter Edition.

In Altered, our world as we know it comes into contact with a magical 'alternative' world and that shuffles everything together. After this intense event, the world changed completely and everyone eventually learned to work together in a new harmonious world. Choose a faction and a matching hero and go on an adventure in a constantly changing world, together with your magical companion!

What makes Altered unique?
Altered is a new Trading Card Game that distinguishes itself from other TCGs in a unique way. Analog and digital merge in harmony thanks to innovative technology. Each card contains a QR code so that you can easily add your cards to your online collection. With the matching but optional app you can exchange, trade, build tournament decks and print on-demand your cards. Unique cards are really unique. Are you opening a unique card ? Then there is no second one that is the same.

How do you play Altered?
The aim of the game is simple: Bring your hero or heroine together with his or her magical companion. Once you do that, you have won the game. The hero and the companion face each other and must travel a path through unknown territory. By playing cards that match the type of terrain one of the two is on, they can get closer to each other. However, your opponent will try the same and only the strongest or smartest wins. A tactical game, peaceful game with many possibilities to victory!

You can know the makers of the game from Dixit, Mysterium, Seasons and Dice Forge. The art is very colorful and full of magic and every card has its own story!

Contents Booster Box Beyond the Gates - Kickstarter Edition
A Booster Box Beyond the Gates contains 36 37 boosters. A booster contains 13 14 cards of which:

- 1 foil hero card.
- 3 to 5 rare cards or higher.
- 1 in 6 chance of a unique card.
- 7 to 9 common cards.
- 1 token or foiler card.

In a booster Beyond the Gates you will usually find nine commons, three rare cards and a hero.

Kickstarter Exclusive Bonuses
In the Kickstarter Exclusive boosters you have a number of bonuses that you do not get in regular boosters: For example, the hero card is always foil. Two common cards have a 50% chance of being replaced with a rare card. In one in six boosters you will find a unique card instead of a rare and in one in 72 boosters you will find a promo card of the 2023 and 2024 promo heroes. The chance of getting a foiler card is one in two. In addition, the art on several cards has been replaced by Kickstarter Exclusive alternate art. A Booster Box also contains 37 boosters instead of 36.

In this beautiful visual you can see the timeline of all Kickstarter Stretch goals incorporated into these boosters:

Note: the description is machine translated and might contain errors.

Product info

NameAltered TCG - Beyond the Gates Booster Box (Kickstarter Edition)
Product groupAltered TCG Booster Boxes
EAN Code3760397180606
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