Commander Deck Streets of New Capenna: Obscura Operation

Commander Deck Streets of New Capenna: Obscura Operation

Magic: the Gathering
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Product description

Obscura Operation Commander deck from Streets of New Capenna.

This white, blue and black Obscura Operation commander deck gives you access to powerful magic. With the Obscura family at your side, you will be supported by the most accomplished magicians from New Capenna. Illusions and distractions keep your opponents from knowing what hit them until it's already too late.

Commander (formerly EDH) is a Magic: the Gathering game type where each player plays with a deck of 99 cards, led by a Legendary Creature: the Commander. Apart from the 6 basic lands, a Commander deck cannot contain duplicate cards and in the choice of cards for the deck you are also limited to the colors of your Commander.

To support this popular multiplayer format, Wizards has designed five new commander decks. Each deck contains 100 black-bordered cards, including many brand new, never-before-released cards. This set contains the five different families of Streets of New Capenna Obscura, Maestros, Riveteers, Cabaretti and Brokers, each with their own deck. All new cards perfectly match these families thematically. Each deck contains two foil Commanders. The new cards are tournament legal in Vintage and Legacy.

For the first time ever, every Commander deck includes a 2-card Collector Booster Sample Pack in which you can find a nice taste of the great showcase cards from the set.

Each Streets of New Capenna Commander deck contains:

- A deck of 100 black-bordered cards, with many previously unreleased cards.
- Two foil commanders.
- A 2-card Collector Booster Sample Pack
- A foil-etched display commander.
- 10 double faced tokens per deck.
- A life wheel.

Note: the description is machine translated and might contain errors.

Product info

NameCommander Deck Streets of New Capenna: Obscura Operation
BrandMagic: the Gathering
Product groupCommander Decks
EAN Code195166121468

Decklist Commander Deck Streets of New Capenna: Obscura Operation

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