BREW: Linvala (Flyers, Wraths)

Bijgewerkt door Neldoran 5 dagen geleden


Roles in the deck
Here are the cards I choose divided into the roles they have in the deck.

> Mana (2/50): ? lands +
Watcher of the Spheres, Warden of Evos Isle.

> Card Draw (3/10):
Bident of Thassa, Coastal Piracy, Reconnaissance Mission.

> Targeted Removal (0/9):

> Board Wipes (3/3):
Day of Judgment, Wrath of God, Vanquish the Horde.

> Recursion (0/2):

> Flexible Tutors (0/2):

> Graveyard Hate (1/1):
Remorseful Cleric.

> Surprise "I Win" Card (0/1):

I've added some roles in line of our main strategy:

> Protection (3):
Linvala Shield of Sea Gate, Selfless Spirit, Sephara Sky's Blade.

> Flyers (8 ):
Remorseful Cleric, Selfless Spirit, Watcher of the Spheres, Empyrean Eagle, Linvala Shield of Sea Gate, Warden of Evos Isle, Thunderclap Wyvern, Sephara Sky's Blade.

> Anthems (3):
Empyrean Eagle, Thunderclap Wyvern, Favorable Winds.

Mana curve


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