Burn baby burn LR1

Bijgewerkt door lennart152 1 maand geleden


1x luts extra voor risk factor.
18 of 19 land?

Questionable: Shard volley (endgame wel handig)
2 of 4 thermo alchemist?
Iig 1x playset creatures met prowess

In 2HR: thermo alchemist en guttersnipe!

Anti mill?Anti enchantments Anti green

Sidedeck to buy:
Leyline of Punishment ipv tibalt! Of roiling vortex
(2x weathered runestone vs soul guide? Play and find out. Of voor 0
4x Tormod's Crypt
4x dragons claw
2x shrine of burning rage
1x risk factor
Anti discard: extra carddraw, bomat courier?
Mindstorm crown
Of chandra torch of defiance, experimental frenzy
Blood moon
4x Soul guide lantern

Pillage ook leuk artifact/land
Harsh mentor, damage abilities

Dragons rage channeler in izzet of burn? Beide

Mana curve

Kaarttype verdeling

Mana symbolen

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