Echoes of time (Abzan)

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Saga / Constellation


1. Play creatures with constellation.
2. Profit from constellation by casting either enchantment creatures or sagas.

1. Cast "Personal sanctuary".
2. Cast "Rite of belzenlok" and/or "Chainer's torment".
3. Profit from the sagas without taking damage due to "Pesonal sanctuary."

1. Cast "Agent of Erebos".
2. Cast "The mending of Dominaria".
3. During "The mending of Dominaria's" second turn, cast "Fall of the Thrann." which destroys all lands.
4. Use "Agent of Erebos's" constellation ability to exile all lands from a player's graveyard.
5. Return all your land cards from your graveyard to the battlefield with "The mending of Dominaria's" final ability.

- Life gain
- "Song of Freyalise" speeds up the pace.
- Sagas work for three turns.

- Depends on specific timing.
- Depends on specific combo's between certain cards.
- Creatures have low stats.

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