[Oathbreaker] WIP: Jiang Yanggu

Bijgewerkt door Neldoran 6 dagen geleden


Roles in the deck
Here are the cards I choose divided into the roles they have in the deck.

> Mana (28/30): 22 lands +
Llanowar Elves, Fyndhorn Elves, Elvish Mystic, Arbor Elf, Jiang Yanggu Wildcrafter, Rishkar Peema Renegade.

> Card Draw (2/6):
Inspiring Call, Armorcraft Judge.

> Targeted Removal (1/3):
Walking Ballista.

> Board Wipes (0/2):

> Recursion (0/1):

> Flexible Tutors (0/1):

> Surprise "I Win" Card (0/1):

I've added some roles in line of our main strategy:

> Proliferate (5):
Pollenbright Druid, Evolution Sage, Bloom Hulk, Courage in Crisis, Karn's Bastion.

> Place +1/+1 Counters (11):
Jiang Yanggu Wildcrafter, Servant of the Scale, Simic Initiate, Aquastrand Spider , Scrounging Bandar, Pollenbright Druid, Walking Ballista, Rishkar Peema Renegade, Loyal Guardian, Courage in Crisis, Oran-Rief the Vastwood.

> Extra +1/+1 Counters (1):
Hardened Scales.

> Evasion/Trample (3):
Avatar of the Resolute, Mowu Loyal Companion, Loyal Guardian.

> Protection (2):
Heroic Intervention, Inspiring Call.

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