R(Ally)ing the Troops

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R(Ally)ing the Troops is a Modern Zendikar Planar () Ally tribal deck. Main Theme: Rally. Sub-Themes: +1/+1, Tokens, Lifegain.

Do you like conga lines? Because so do Allies! This little creation is completely built around abusing the Rally mechanism; the keyword that triggers an effect every single time a Creature with the Ally subtype enters the battlefield under your control. So what do we do? We play at least one Ally every turn to build an overwhelming board state, at which point we run roughshod over the opponent's defenses.

Core Cards
Lucky for us, we get a dedicated Ally Planeswalker: Gideon, Ally of Zendikar. Gideon becomes an Ally himself, and he can summon wonderful Knight Ally tokens and effortlessly buffs our entire battle line with his Gideon, Ally of Zendikar emblem. Our strategy only works if we can continuously lay down efficacious Allies every single turn; which is where the genius inclusion of Munda, Ambush Leader comes in. We don't like slowing down to draw cards, and with Munda, we don't have to. We empty our hand out pretty quickly, so we use Munda's ability to sort our upcoming draw every single turn so we can avoid dead draws and suboptimal draws consistently. We pick out any Allies we'd like to play, and dump the rest. And if we're not ready to switch over to just playing Allies; we just don't use the ability! The only drawback is that Gideon isn't an Ally. If we end up needing slightly more ammunition in a turn, we run a couple of Sea Gate Wreckage to dump our mana (fueled by Holdout Settlement), and we run the insanely effective Ally Encampment to fix our mana to the point we don't need to run any Mountains; this deck is very White-forward so having eight sources of Red works great. Holdout Settlement isn't as efficient, but because we only need one Red Mana per turn at most, it works fine.

Beater Cards
To actually win matches, we turn to our boy Kazuul Warlord, and we turn to the Token sub-theme in the form of not only Gideon's Knights, but especially our disgustingly powerful combat trick, Join the Ranks, which gives us Soldier Ally tokens to repeatedly trigger Rally; at Instant speed. Earlier on, we run the terrifying Kazandu Blademaster and Hada Freeblade which get impossibly powerful if the opponent cannot dispose of them right away.

Utility Cards
We've devoted a lot of attention to our beaters, but they can only do their jobs effectively by relying on the abilities of our support cards. Kabira Evangel seems like a defensive piece--and it can be--but it's mostly a linebreaker because it allows our entire formation to bypass enemy defenders and beat them down in one fell swoop, while dodging Instant speed removal all the while. This ability is somehow made even more scary with the help of Makindi Patrol, which lets us do all that, while maintaining blockers for the next turn; if the opponent survived. Finally, we need to consider one of this deck's weaknesses: burn. We need some time to set up our Allies and we don't run any way to block Evading Creatures. So, in order to survive, we run two ways to gain daunting amounts of health, which ties into our lifegain sub-theme in the form of Serene Steward, our only non-Rallying Ally. Talus Paladin doubles as a powerful beater and source of lifegain (yes, the Steward procs per Creature that gains us life), and the legendary Ondu Cleric keeps us alive even when we can't afford to run our Allies into the enemy lines yet.

If we're up against high volumes of board wipes, things aren't as likely to turn out well for us unless you tech in a few Make a Stand. Otherwise, we've got a decent shot most strategies. Look to our Sideboard for more tech ideas.

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