R(Ally)ing the Troops

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R(Ally)ing the Troops is a ( splash) Modern Zendikar Planar () Ally tribal deck. Archetypes: Tempo & Midrange. Main Theme: Rally. Sub-Themes: +1/+1, Lifegain, Draw Sorting.

Do you like conga lines? Because so do Allies! This little creation contains only creatures, and is completely built around abusing the Rally mechanism; the keyword that triggers an effect every single time a Creature with the Ally subtype enters the battlefield under your control. So what do we do? We play at least one Ally every turn to build an overwhelming board state, at which point we run roughshod over the opponent's defenses. The deck is mostly very straightforward, but requires good sequencing insight, and a good sense for mulliganing and sideboarding.

Our sideboard contains cards that are meant to optimize for particular matchups, but they don't significantly change the overall game plan. Simply rally your troops every turn and march on to victory.

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