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Oakie Doakie Dice: Deluxe dice sets with stylish finish

The creator of the premium Ultimate Guard gaming accessories introduces a new line of dice: Oakie Doakie Dice! Made from durable and premium materials with the most beautiful and brightest colors, a smooth finish and an ingenious packaging: the luxury dice from Oakie Doakie Dice will meet all your wishes!

A set of D6 dice from Oakie Doakie Dice cannot be missing in your collection of card games, board games and / or dice games. Choose from the extensive range of spectacular colors, many variations and premium materials from Oakie Doakie Dice! With almost 100 different styles and colors you will find your perfect Oakie Doakie Dice guaranteed!

Beautifully colored dice in large and small

These premium dice are available in different materials and colors so that you can always find something to your liking.

Turn off the light and see the spooky Glow in the Dark Oakie Doakie Dice light up in the dark. Feel the extra weight of the Metal Oakie Doakie Dice in your hands. See the shimmer and luxurious look of the Marble or Speckled Oakie Doakie Dice. See the colors fuse together in the beautiful Gemidice or Enclave Oakie Doakie Dice.

With Oakie Doakie Dice you have something beautiful in your hands!

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Perfect with your Ultimate Guard® Flip'n'Tray Deckbox

For those who store their deck with playing cards in a beautiful deckbox from Ultimate Guard; the transparent tray that is supplied with the Oakie Doakie dice is made suitable for the Ultimate Guard® Flip'n'Tray Deckbox 80+ or Twin Flip'n'Tray Deckbox 160+.

This way you can easily add a set of Oakie Doakie Dice to your favorite deck to complete it in style with beautiful dice to your taste!

The ideal set of dice for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and other role playing games

A beautiful set of RPG dice from Oakie Doakie Dice is indispensable for Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. The Oakie Doakie Dice come in all sorts of variations. If you want to buy the Oakie Doakie Dice four-sided dice D4, six-sided dice D6, eight-sided dice D8, ten-sided dice D10 (both 1-step and 10-step versions) or the twenty-sided dice D20 then have you come to the right place at Bazaar of Magic!

Steal the show during your Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder role playing game with a premium polydice set from Oakie Doakie Dice.

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