Information about Bazaar of Magic

Customer service

Customer service of Bazaar of Magic.

Conditions of Magic cards

Here you will find details about when, for instance, a card is rated Near Mint (NM) or Excellent (EX).

Placing your order

How do you place an order?

Shipment and shipment costs

How is your order shipped, and what are the shipping rates?

Payment and payment methods

Which payment options does Bazaar of Magic offer for your orders?


Everything about your Loyalty

Store credit

How do you receive and use store credit?

Saving up for store credit and free products!

How do BoM points work?

Measures regarding the corona virus


Information on the store of Bazaar of Magic and its opening times.


Do you have a question about Bazaar of Magic? It might be answered here.

Company details

Our company details.

Terms and conditions for usage

The terms and conditions for using Bazaar of Magic's website.

Terms and conditions for buy-ins

The terms and conditions that Bazaar of Magic follows for buy-ins.

Terms and conditions for delivery

Bazaar of Magic's terms and conditions for deliveries.

Privacy policy

We respect your privacy. Read here how we treat your personal data.

Contacting Bazaar of Magic

On this page you can find how to contact us.

The story behind Bazaar of Magic

Who are we and how did Bazaar of Magic come to be?

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