Magic: the Gathering Universes Beyond - Fallout Commander Deck (set of 4 decks)

Magic: the Gathering Universes Beyond - Fallout Commander Deck (set of 4 decks)

Magic: the Gathering
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Product description

This is the complete set of the four different commander decks from Fallout!

Welcome to the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout! Step out of The Vault equipped with your Personal Information Processor computer, aka the Pip-boy, and discover how the world of one of the most acclaimed Role Playing Games translates to Magic: the Gathering. Will you survive this cruel world full of mutants, plunderers and nuclear radiation?

Universes Beyond: Fallout
With Universes Beyond, Magic: the Gathering extends to new worlds beyond the multiverse. Universes Beyond are unique collaborations between Magic: the Gathering and other well-known fantasy worlds such as Fallout.

There are four different Fallout commander decks, each representing an important part of the series of games.

Wizards of the Coast has designed a set of four brand new Commander Decks especially for all Fallout and Magic: the Gathering fans! Commander is a Magic: the Gathering multiplayer variant and has developed in recent years into one of the most popular ways to play Magic. Each player plays with a deck of 99 unique cards, led by a Legendary Creature: the Commander. An epic battle is guaranteed and thanks to the large amount of unique cards the replayability is enormous!

Each deck contains 100 black-bordered cards, including a large number of brand new themed Fallout cards. Reprints of existing Magic: the Gathering cards have received new art that matches Fallout. Each deck is designed to fit perfectly thematically with the chosen Magic: the Gathering colors. Furthermore, each deck contains two foil commanders and 10 token cards. The new cards are tournament legal in Commander, Legacy and Vintage.

This Commander deck also includes a two-card Collector Booster sample pack that gives you a nice taste of the great showcase cards found in Collector Boosters.

Summary of the content
- 1 deck of 100 black-bordered cards, including a large number of previously unreleased cards.
- 2 foil commanders.
- 1 foil-etched display commander.
- 1 two-card Collector Booster sample pack.
- 10 double faced tokens per deck.
- 1 cardboard deck box for 100 sleeved cards.
- 1 life wheel.

Note: the description is machine translated and might contain errors.

Product info

NameMagic: the Gathering Universes Beyond - Fallout Commander Deck (set of 4 decks)
BrandMagic: the Gathering
Product groupCommander Decks
EAN Code195166228532
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